Since 2005, PowerBridge LLC has been responsible for the development, financing, construction, and operation of 1,320 MW of power transmission infrastructure representing $1.5 billion in private investment. Our flagship projects are the $650 million Neptune undersea transmission cable, completed in 2007, and the $850 million Hudson transmission cable underneath the Hudson River, completed in 2013. Both projects were completed on budget and ahead of schedule, and each provides an electrical link between New York and New Jersey carrying up to 660 MW of power. These projects demonstrate the capabilities of the PowerBridge team.

PowerBridge is an active developer and owner, either on its own or in partnership with others with complementary skill sets. We source initial and late-stage development capital, select primary contractors, direct permitting and financing efforts, oversee project execution, and manage project operations.

The PowerBridge team has played a unique role in bringing new, private sector sources of capital for the construction and operation of major infrastructure projects that have traditionally been built by the public sector or regulated utilities. We work in partnership with these entities to facilitate these critically-needed projects.

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